Coastal Regions of India Chapter 7 Solutions & Answer for Class 4

1. What is sea-coast?

Answer: The part of land touching the ocean is called sea-coast or sea shore.

2. What is Beach?

Answer: The high and long sea waves brings sand, sells and many other things and deposit them on the shore and that are converted into a sand field called Beach.

3. What is Cliff?

Answer: At some places sea-shores are like straight walls and sea waves strike it called Cliff.

4. What is Bay?

Answer: The land part from three sides and sea water on one side called Bay.

5. What are Mangrove forests?

Answer: Mangrove forests are thick forests in which the roots of the trees are above the water surface.

6. What is port?

Answer: The place along the sea coast from where the ships move to and fro. The goods are lodged and de-lodged here.

7. Which is the southern most port of India?

Answer: Tuticorin

8. Fill in the blanks:

a) The eastern coast is on the Bay of Bengal while the Western coast is near ………………Sea.

Answer: Arabian

b) The Eastern coast is wide while the western coast is …………….

Answer: narrow

c) Krishna and Kaveri rivers fall in…………….after originating from………….ghats.

Answer: Bay of Bengal, Western

d) …………crops are cultivated mainly in the coastal region of India.

Answer: Rice

e) The land part surrounded by water on three sides is called………..

Answer: Peninsula

9. Put right or wrong mark on right or wrong statements.

  • a) The Lakshdweep island is situated in the Bay of Bengal (wrong)
  • b) It rains a lot on the western coast of India (right)
  • c) Kerala is situated on the eastern coast (wrong)
  • d) Salt is made from drying sea water (right)
  • e) Sundarban delta is made by Ganga and Brahmaputra rivers (right)
  • f) Kanyakumari is in Karnataka state (wrong)

10. Match the correct facts:

i) Lakshdweep a) Maharashtra
ii) Mumbai Port b) West Bengal
iii) Kanyakumari c) Islands
iv) Sundarban d) Karnataka
v) Mangalore e) Tamil Nadu

Answer: i) – c, ii) –a, iii) – e, iv) – b, v) - d

11. Answer these questions:

a) What is an Island?

Answer: A small piece of land surrounded by the sea from all four sides called Island.

b) Write the names of states situated on the Arabian sea-coast.

Answer: Kerala, Karnataka, Goa, Maharashtra, Gujarat

c) On which sea coast is Odisha situated?

Answer: Odisha is situated at Eastern sea coast.

d) Why is there plenty of rainfall on the western coast of India?

Answer: Due to Western Ghats there is plenty of rainfall in the western coast of India.

e) In which state is Kanyakumari located?

Answer: Kanyakumari is located in Tamil Nadu.

f) Why is the eastern coast having cuts?

Answer: Many rivers fall into the eastern ghats that is why have cuts.

g) Write the name of four ports of eastern coast.

Answer: 1. Nagapattinam, 2. Chennai, 3. Visakhapatnam, 4. Paradip

h) Which two rivers contribute to make the Sunderbans?

Answer: Ganga and Brahmaputra make Sunderbans.

i) Write any two benefits of coast.

Answer: 1. We trade from other countries through ports on the sea coast and 2. Good climate and beautiful scenery of coast attract the tourist that provides employment to the local people

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