From Delhi Towards India Chapter 2 Solutions & Answer for Class 4

1. Which is the capital of India?

Answer: New Delhi is the capital of India.

2. Which is the heart of India?

Answer: New Delhi

3. When tourists come in Jammu-Kashmir?

Answer: in Summer

4. Where is Dal Lake located?

Answer: Srinagar

5. Jammu-Kashmir is famous for which temples?

Answer: Vaishno Devi Temple and Amarnath Shrine

6. Ahmedabad is famous for which industry?

Answer: Cotton Cloth Industry

7. Where is “Gate-way of India” located?

Answer: Mumbai

8. Which is the most populated city of India?

Answer: Mumbai

9. What is the distance between Mumbai and Pune?

Answer: Approximately 190 Kms

10. Where three seas meet? Write their names.

Answer: three sees meet at Kanyakumari. They are – Bay of Bengal from East, Arabian Sea from West and Indian Ocean from South.

11. At which sea shore Chennai is located?

Answer: Bay of Bengal

12. Hyderabad is the joint capital of which states?

Answer: Andhra Pradesh and Telangana

13. Which Metropolitan cities are joined by ‘Golden Quadrilateral’ road project?

Answer: Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai

14. What is ‘The Seven Sisters’?

Answer: Seven states of North-East India known as the ‘Seven Sisters’.

15. Select the correct answer from the given options:

I) Which city is known as the ‘Pink City’?

a) Udaipur b) Jaipur
c) Sagarpur d) Chennai

Answer: b) Jaipur

II) On the bank of which river is Kolkata situated?

a) Ganga b) Kosi
c) Yamuna d) Hoogli

Answer: d) Hoogli

III) Srinagar is the capital of which state?

a) Tamil Nadu b) Rajasthan
c) Jammu-Kashmir d) Goa

Answer: c) Jammu-Kashmir

IV) Which city is known as ‘Silicon City’?

a) Bangaluru b) Kolkata
c) Ahmedabad d) Jaipur

Answer: a) Bangaluru

16. Match the states with their capitals written on the right.

State Capital
a) West Bengal I) Jaipur
b) Tamil Nadu II) Bangaluru
c) Rajasthan III) Kolkata
d) Karnataka IV) Lucknow
e) Uttar Pradesh V) Chennai

Answer: a – III, b – V, c – I, d – II, e - IV

17. Fill in the blanks in following questions:

I) Srinagar is world famous for …………….. lake.

Answer: Dal

II) …………… is surrounded by water on three sides.

Answer: Peninsula

III) Hindi films are produced in …………………

Answer: Mumbai

IV) ………………… is celebrated in Kolkata with great pomp and show.

Answer: Durga Puja

18. Answer the following questions:

i) What is Peninsula?

Answer: A land or place surrounded by three sides of water is called Peninsula.

19. Jaipur is named after which King?

Answer: Jaipur is named after Sawai Raja Jai Singh.

20. On the shore of which sea is Mumbai situated?

Answer: Arabian Sea

21. What is the total area of India?

Answer: The total area of India is 32.8 Lakh square kilometers.

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