Games of India Chapter 10 Solutions & Answer for Class 4

1. When Indian Hockey team participated in the Olympic game first time?

Answer: Indian Hockey team participated in the Olympic game in 1928 first time and won the gold medals.

2. Who is known as the magician of Hockey?

Answer: Major Dhyan Chand

3. When the first women hockey world cup was held?

Answer: In 1974

4. When women team was included in the Olympics?

Answer: In 1980

5. How many total squares are there on the chess board?

Answer: 64 squares

6. How many chess pieces are there on chess board?

Answer: There are total 32 chess pieces on the chess board – 16 white and 16 black.

7. How many kinds of army members are there in chess?

Answer: There are four kids of army members in chess – two horses, two camels, two elephants and 8 pedestrian soldiers. There is one king and one minister also in the game.

8. Who is Viswanathan Anand?

Answer: Viswanathan Anand in an International winner of Chess. He has been awarded by ‘Grandmaster’ title also at the age of 17 years only.

9. In which country cricket started?

Answer: England

10. Write the name of famous Indian cricketer?

Answer: Sunil Gavaskar, Kapil Dev, Sachin Tendulkar, M.S. Dhoni

11. What is the size of a football?

Answer: 27 Cms Diameter

12. In which country chess was started?

Answer: India

13. Answer the following in brief:

a) Which is the national game of India?

Answer: Hockey is the national game of India.

b) Where is gliding done?

Answer: Gliding is done on gliding flight.

c) Where are donkeys used to play a game similar to polo?

Answer: In Laddakh, donkeys are used to play a game similar to polo.

d) How many goals were scored by the Indian hockey team in Berlin Olympics?

Answer: The team scored total 11 goals.

14. Fill in the blanks: -

a) The first world cup was held in ……………..

Answer: 1975

b) Judo-Karate is a game of ……………

Answer: Martial Arts

c) The first Olympic gold medal in hockey for India was won in ………

Answer: 1928

d) Playing games makes the body……………

Answer: Healthy and Strong

15. Match the columns correctly:

a) Cricket 1) Most popular game of Asia
b) Polo 2) Pele
c) Gliding 3) A Game between two players
d) Hockey 4) A game played sitting on horses
e) Kabaddi 5) A game played in air
f) Chess 6) Umpire is the decision maker
g) Football 7) Major Dhyanchand

Answer: a) – 6, b) – 4, c) – 5, d) – 7, e) – 1, f) – 3, g) - 2

16. Write the names of five such games which require playing equipment?


  1. Football
  2. Cricket
  3. Volleyball
  4. Polo
  5. Chess

17. Put right against right and wrong against wrong statements given below:

  • a) Polo is the most ancient team game (right)
  • b) Skiing is played in water (right)
  • c) The women world cup in Hockey started in 1980 (wrong)
  • d) The game Chaturang was being played in ancient India

18. Write the names of three games which do not requires sports equipment?


  1. Kabaddi
  2. Swimming
  3. Stone Paper Scissor

19. Write the rules of your favorite game?

Answer: My favorite game is Volleyball. In this game, there are total two teams. Each team has 6 players. One net is tied in the middle of the field and a big size of ball is used to play. Both team stand on the other side of the net. There is a referee also whose decision is final. One player of a team throws the ball by hitting with one hand over the net. If the player of the second team fails to return the ball to the first team, it counts one point for the first team.

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