High Mountains: “The Pride of India” Chapter 3 Solutions & Answer for Class 4

1. How many mountain ranges are there in Himalayan Mountain? Write their names.

Answer: Three. A) Greater Himalaya, B) Central Himalayas and C) Lower Himalayas (Shivaliks)

2. What is the ‘Peaks’?

Answer: The sharp and pointed top of the mountains are called ‘peaks’.

3. What is mountain range?

Answer: When many peaks are in a lane, called string of mountains or mountain range.

4. Which mountain ranges are in Central India?

Answer: Vindhyachal and Satpura

5. Write the names of the states which are situated in the Himalayas.


Uttarakhand Himachal Pradesh Jammu-Kashmir Arunachal Pradesh Sikkim Nagaland Mizoram Manipur Assam

6. Which is the main pet animal of the people of Arunachal Pradesh?

Answer: Mithun

7.Fill in the Blanks:

a)………………… mountain range is in the North of India.

Answer: Himalaya

b)……………………… mountain is in Rajasthan.

Answer: Aravali

c) Ganga river originates from …………………

Answer: Gangotri

d)…………………… lake is in Kashmir.

Answer: Dal

e) ……………… farming is done by tribals of Arunachal Pradesh.

Answer: Jhoom

8. Match the followings:

State Facts
i) Jammu Kashmir a) Gangotri and Gomukh
ii) Himachal Pradesh b) Tea Garden
iii) Arunachal Pradesh c) Saffron farming
iv) Uttarakhand d) Yak and Mithun
v) Assam e) Kullu and Manali

Answer: i – c, ii – e, iii – d, iv – a, v – b

9. Put a right against the correct statement and wrong against the wrong ones: -

a) The sun rises first in Arunachal Pradesh in India (right)
b) There is very less rain fall in Arunachal Pradesh (wrong)
c) The Western Ghats are higher than Easter Ghats (right)
d) The people of Himachal Pradesh wear round and embroidered caps (right)
e) Firan is worn by the people of Uttarakhand (wrong)

10. Answer these questions in short:

a) Why do the people of Arunachal Pradesh build their homes on bamboo pillars?

Answer: Due to heavy rain people of Arunachal Pradesh build their homes on bamboo pillars.

b) Which mountain range is found in Rajasthan?

Answer: Aravali mountain range is found in Rajasthan.

c) What are Bugyals? Where are they found?

Answer: Bugyals are green grass and many kinds of seasonal flowers which grow on Himalaya’s mountains in Summer when the snow melts. These Bugyals are found in Nanda Devi, Kedarnath and Gangotri.

d) Write the names of four main trees that grow in Kashmir.

Answer: Four main trees of Kashmir are 1. Deodars, 2. Fir, 3. Chinar and 4. Elm (Brenn Tree)

e) Name the field cut on the mountains slopes.

Answer: Small fields by cutting the mountains slopes are known as ‘Terrace Farms’.

f) Why do the people of Arunachal Pradesh often use objects made from bamboo?

Answer: There is so much bamboo available in Arunachal Pradesh. So, people of here often use objects made from bamboo.

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