Plateau Region of India Chapter 6 Solutions & Answer for Class 4

1. What is Plateau?

Answer: A Plateau is a less elevated land part as compared to a mountain. The top of which is flat and plain.

2. Which parts of India is Plateau?

Answer: Most of the peninsular part of India is a Plateau.

3. Why the city of Bhopal is named ‘Bhopal’?

Answer: There are two lakes in Bhopal – Big Pond (Bara Talab) and Small Pond (Chota Talab). These are known as ‘Bhojtal’ on which the city is named Bhopal.

4. Where is Sanchi Stupa located?

Answer: Vidisha

5. What is Kagar?

Answer: The straight slope like wall is called Kagar.

6. The black soil is good for which farming?

Answer: Cotton

7. By which leaves ‘Bidis’ are made?

Answer: Tendu leaves

8. Write the names of Indian Plateau?

Answer: Malwa Plateau, Bundelkhand Plateau, Chota Nagpur Plateau, Deccan Plateau

9. Fill in the blanks:

a) The top of the Plateau is not pointed but…………

Answer: flat

b) Bhopal city is located on …………Plateau

Answer: Malwa

c) …………soil is found in the Plateau region of India.

Answer: Black

d) The Peninsular Plateau of India spreads from…………….to………….

Answer: Aravali, Nilgiris

e) The children went to …………….after Bhopal.

Answer: Vidisha

10. Put the right mark against right statement and wrong against the wrong statements given below:

  • a) The Plateau region is made of hard and old rocks (right)
  • b) Rearing of animals (Animal Husbandry) is the main occupation in the Plateau region (wrong)
  • c) Vidisha city is situated on the Plateau of Vindhyachal (right)
  • d) The rivers deposit the stones and sand near the kagar (right)
  • e) We can dig wells easily in the Plateau region (wrong)

11. Answer these question in brief:

a) Write the name of any one part of the Indian Plateau?

Answer: Deccan Plateau and Chota Nagpur Plateau

b) Which crops are cultivated in the Plateau region?

Answer: Wheat, Gram, Masoor, etc. crops are cultivated in the Plateau region.

c) Why is the digging of wells difficult in the Plateau regions?

Answer: Surface of the Plateau is rocky and hard. So, digging of wells is difficult in the Plateau regions.

d) What is the use of making dams on the rivers flowing down from the plateau?

Answer: By making dams, people get water for irrigation and stones and sand particles flowing down with the river do not reach the fields.

e) Why did the teacher say that plateaus are the treasure chest of the country?

Answer: There are many types of minerals like coal, iron and copper. So, plateaus are known as the treasure of chest of the country.

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