Seasons Chapter 8 Solutions & Answer for Class 4

1. When winter season begins?

Answer: It starts in November and extends upto February.

2. What are the crops of winter season?

Answer: Wheat, Peas, Gram, Mustard

3. When days are long and nights are shorts?

Answer: In Summer Season

4. What are the fruits of Summer Season?

Answer: Mango, Water Melon, Musk Melon, Lemon, Bael, etc.

5. What is the duration of rainy season in India?

Answer: From July to September

6. How people save themselves from the rain?

Answer: People use a raincoat or an umbrella to save themselves from the rain.

7. Write the name of the main seasons of India.

Answer: There are three main seasons in India – Winter Season, Summer Season and Rainy Season

8. What is temperature? Write the unit to measure it?

Answer: Temperature is a measurement of the level of hotness or coldness of wind at a particular place. The temperature measurement unit is Celsius and Fahrenheit.

9. What is Loo? In which part of India does it blow?

Answer: The dry and hot winds that blow in day time are called ‘Loo’. It blows in the plain part of the Northern India.

10. Make a list of clothes that we wear in the winter season.

Answer: Woolen Clothes, Sweaters, Coats

11. Your friend is coming to Delhi from Tamil Nadu in January. What kind of clothes will you suggest to him to bring?

Answer: In Delhi, January is very cold. So, I suggest my friend to bring woolen clothes.

12. Fill in the blanks: -

a) The temperature is ……………in Summer.

Answer: hot

b) It rains ………………in Thar desert.

Answer: less

c) The extreme cold winds that blows in winter are called……………

Answer: cold wave

d) ……………floods Delhi in rainy season.

Answer: Yamuna river

e) Rainy season in India remains upto………….

Answer: July to September

13. Put right and wrong sign against right and wrong statements given below:

  • a) The monsoon rain falls in January in India (wrong)
  • b) The snow falls in January on the northern mountains in India (right)
  • c) The cold wave prevails in the month of July (wrong)
  • d) Winter season starts in April in India (wrong)
  • e) Sandy storms decrease the temperature in summer season (right)

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