Thar: Desert of India Chapter 5 Solutions & Answer for Class 4

1. Why the Thar Desert name is ‘Thar’?

Answer: The Thar Desert is named after the district – Tharparker in Sindh state.

2. What is the meaning of ‘Thar’?

Answer: ‘Thar’ means desert.

3. What is ‘monsoon’ winds?

Answer: The winds which changes their path and direction due to seasons are called ‘monsoon’ winds.

4. What is OASIS?

Answer: A piece of fertile land in deserts, where water and trees are found are called OASIS.

5. What is Shepherds?

Answer: The people rearing Sheep, Goats and Cows are called Shepherds.

6. What is vegetation?

Answer: Trees and Plants are called vegetation?

7. Write the names of Vegetation found in Thar Desert.

Answer: Keekar, Cactus, Babool, Dates

8. Choose the correct answer for the questions given below:

i) Thar desert is mainly located in the following state.

a) Haryana b) Punjab
c) Rajasthan d) Gujarat

Answer: c) Rajasthan

ii) The main animal of Thar desert is……………

a) Ox b) Camel
c) Elephant d) Deer

Answer: b) Camel

iii) The Rajasthan canal originates from…………

a) Haryana b) Punjab
c) Gujarat d) Uttar Pradesh

Answer: b) Punjab

9. Fill in the blanks:

i) The Thar desert in Rajasthan is situated in the …………of Aravali mountains.

Answer: west

ii) Indira Gandhi canal originates from …………dam in Punjab state.

Answer: Harike

iii) The hot and dry winds which blow noon are called…………..

Answer: Loo

iv) ……………chapati has main place in Rajasthan’s food.

Answer: Bajra

10. Match of facts given below in column A with the facts in column B.

1. Ship of the desert a) Indira Gandhi Canal
2. Vegetation in desert b) Aravali
3. Rajasthan canal c) Camel
4. The mountain range present in Rajasthan d) Cactus, Keekar and Babool

Answer: 1 – c, 2 – d, 3 – a, 4 – b

11. Answer the question given below:

I) What is a desert?

Answer: A desert is a place where rain and vegetation is less or not.

II) Why is the camel called the ship of the desert?

Answer: Camels can walk on sand easily compared to other animals. So, they are called ship of the desert.

III) Write the names of the main crops cultivated in the Thar desert.

Answer: Bajra, Jowar, Maize, Peanuts, Moth and Til

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