Our National Symbols Chapter 12 Solutions & Answer for Class 4

1. What is the colour of our national flag?

Answer: Saffron, White and Green

2. How many sticks are there in the Chakra of our national flag?

Answer: There are 24 sticks in the Chakra of our flag which is in the middle of white strip.

3. Who wrote our national anthem?

Answer: Rabindranath Tagore wrote our national anthem.

4. What is our national animal?

Answer: Tiger

5. Write the name of our national tree.

Answer: Banyan Tree

6. Write the name of our national water animal.

Answer: Sunsu or Ganga Dolphin

7. Write the name of national river of India.

Answer: Ganga

8. Math the national symbols of column A to column B given below:

a) National Song 1. Mango
b) National Bird 2. Lotus
c) National Anthem 3. Vandemataram
d) National Flower 4. Peacock
e) National Fruit 5. Jan-Gana-Mana

Answer: a) – 3, b) – 4, c) – 5, d) – 2, e) – 1

9. Answer the questions given below:

a) From where was our national emblem taken?

Answer: Our national emblem has been taken from the Ashoka Pillar.

b) Which poet has written our national song?

Answer: Bankim Chandra Chatterjee has written our national song.

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