Our Neighbouring Countries Chapter 14 Solutions & Answer for Class 4

1. Maldives is situated in which ocean?

Answer: Maldives is situated in Indian Ocean.

2. Islands of Maldives are made from which rocks?

Answer: Islands of Maldives are made from ‘Monga’ or ‘Coral’ rocks.

3. Which country is called ‘Pearl of the East’?

Answer: Sri Lanka is called ‘Pearl of the East’?

4. Fill in the blanks:

a)…………is the neighbouring country in the west of India.

Answer: Pakistan

b) …………is the highest peak in the world.

Answer: Mount Everest

c) …………is the national language of Bangladesh.

Answer: Bengali

d) The people of Bhutan believe in …………….religion.

Answer: Buddhism

e) Bolan and Khyber passes are in…………

Answer: Pakistan

5. Match the countries with their capitals:

a) Nepal 1. Dhaka
b) Sri Lanka 2. Islamabad
c) Bhutan 3. Colombo
d) Maldives 4. Thimpu
e) Bangladesh 5. Kathmandu
f) Pakistan 6. Male

Answer: a) – 5, b) – 3, c) – 4, d) – 6, e) – 1, f) 2

6. Which of following is not a neighbouring country of India?

a) Bangladesh b) Bhutan
c) Maldives d) Lakshdweep

Answer: d) Lakshdweep

7. Which of the following rivers flow in Nepal?

a) Ravi b) Tongsa
c) Karnali d) Padma

Answer: c) Karnali

8. Where was Gautam Buddha’s born?

Answer: Gautam Buddha’s born at Lumbini in Nepal.

9. Who was the first Sherpa to reach the Everest?

Answer: Tenzing

10. Which country is pear shaped?

Answer: Sri Lanka

11. Where do Gorkhas live?

Answer: Nepal

12. In which part of Bangladesh do you find mountains?

Answer: North East

13. Which island group country is situated in the neighbourhood of India?

Answer: Maldives

14. Write the name of the main cash crop of Sri Lanka

Answer: Tea

15. Write the names of two neighbouring countries in the North of India.

Answer: Nepal and Bhutan

16. Put right and wrong mark against the right and wrong facts about Maldives:

  • a) Drinking water is not a problem here (wrong)
  • b) Maldives is a country of islands in the sea (right)
  • c) Maldives is made from the remains of shells of sea animals (right)
  • d) Tea is the main source of income in Maldives (wrong)

17. Which states of India share their borders with Nepal?

Answer: Uttarakhand, Sikkim, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh

18. Which state of India share their border with Pakistan?

Answer: Jammu-Kashmir, Punjab, Rajasthan, Gujarat

19. With which states of India, does Bhutan share its border?

Answer: West Bengal, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim

20. Which states of India have their border touching Bangladesh?

Answer: West Bengal, Bihar, Meghalaya, Tripura

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