We All are Indians Chapter 13 Solutions & Answer for Class 4

1. Mark True/False against each sentence:

  • a) Students of Class IV were going on a tour of India (false)
  • b) The climate of our country has a lot of variety (true)
  • c) Climate has an impact on food and living (true)
  • d) Life of people living in hilly areas is very easy (false)
  • e) The North-East Region of India is called “The Seven Sisters” (true)

2. Write the names of the North-Eastern states which are called ‘Seven Sisters’.

  1. Assam
  2. Arunachal Pradesh
  3. Meghalaya
  4. Manipur
  5. Tripura
  6. Nagaland
  7. Sikkim

3. Match the Following:

a) Bhupen Hazarika 1. Footballer
b Sachin Tendulkar 2. Boxer
c) Jaspal Rana 3. Singer
d) Mary Kom 4. Cricketer
e) Bhaichung Bhutia 5. Shooter

Answer: a) – 3, b) – 4, c) – 5, d) – 2, e) – 1

4. If you go to the North-Eastern Region, what will the people over there think about you?

Answer: North-Eastern region is very different from the plain area. So, I may be a foreigner for them. But “We all are Indians”.

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